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HIK Abalone Farm started in 1997, with the construction of the first grow-out platform. A hatchery soon followed in 2002 to the ensure the self-sufficiency of the company. HIK has gone from strength to strength in the last decade, with current annual abalone exports of over 150 tonnes. HIK currently employs 110 people, 30 of whom are occupied in highly specialised mid- to senior-management positions. We have strong marketing ties in the Far East, and our loyalty and commitment to our agents, coupled with our renowned product quality, has enabled us to capture a large part of the farmed South African abalone market. Our company vision includes promoting sustainability and social upliftment through technological advancements, education and diversification.


HIK recognises the need for diversification in order to maintain our competitiveness in today's economic climate. To this end, we have invested in Marifeed (Pty) Ltd, a local feed producing company specialising in the production of abalone and finfish diets.


HIK Abalone Farm is committed to exceeding industry standards through the continued evaluation of candidate aquaculture species and the adoption of best-practice environmental policies. Throughout our operational areas we employ a holistic and inclusive approach to business development. This includes engaging with relevant stakeholders and promoting social and economic devlopment and community empowerment at local and national levels.

Recent News

Cricket Team Excels Cricket Team Excels Thursday, 19 June 2014 From beginners to winners…. For the last two seasons, HIK Abalone farm has entered a staff team into the local business league cricket tournament. The tourna...
Nelly wins learner of the year! Nelly wins learner of the year! Monday, 10 February 2014 HIK is very proud of Anelisiwe Gaika (Nelly) who won the award for best learner in the Adult Education and Training Program for 2013. This is an AgriSETA initia...
HIK wins award HIK wins award Friday, 11 October 2013   Pictured below are the HIK team who attended the gala awards dinner. From left to right: Rapheal Fisher, Louise Jansen, Liesl Gordon, Bolekwa Nyantsa, Sally...

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